“I Love Kennedy” 10 December 2012

To actually be able to witness the growth of someone you love is a beautiful thing. I can’t even explain how proud of Carryne I am. Just the transition from a big-head brat in the 8th grade, to becoming a beautiful woman and now a mother, is pretty cool thing. I’m just happy to be along for the ride.

Company Christmas Party 8 December 2012

All work and no play? That’s definitely not the case at the company I work for. I honestly think the invention of the photo booth is probably one of the greatest inventions of our time. That damn thing was the most fun I’ve had in awhile. I didn’t even mean to take pictures with all of these ladies, but they just couldn’t resist … and nor could I. Haha.
And oh yeah, I have a job–a pretty good one, too. Me working in the oil and gas industry? Never would’ve thunk it.

Listen: Tamar Braxton – Love & War 7 December 2012

I’ve been a fan of Tamar Braxton long before I found out how funny and blunt she was. One of my favorite movies is ‘Kingdom Come’ and Tamar sung my favorite song from that movie, ‘Try Me’. And that was probably 10 years ago. But by now everyone should know, I’m a fan of good music. Period. I don’t care who sings it or how old the song is, I will jam to a good song by anyone, and this is a great song with great vocals.
Listen here.
I also posted a video of Tamar singing ‘Love & War’ live. I always judge an artist’s talent by how they sing live. And she killed (straight. murdered.) this song live. Check it out.

Welcome To The World, Kennedy Drew 6 December 2012

Little Kennedy. The most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time. I am so proud to be apart of your life. Hopefully I can teach you a thing or two. Welcome to the world, baby girl.
And congratulations to Carryne, future ‘Greatest Mommy in the World’ award recipient.

Chicken Song 23 November 2012

I don’t know what it is about me, but I really like finding videos like this. It’s catchy, plus homegirl can sing.

24th Birthday in Austin, TX 12 November 2012

Looking back on all of my birthdays, I have to say my 24th was the one involving the most growth; focusing on who I am and what it is I really want to accomplish in life. The actual “birthday celebration” was pretty simple this year; went to 6th St. in Austin, TX with my best friend and got drunk … what more can I say.

2012 Presidential Election 6 November 2012

I’m a huge political buff, but I would never impose my views on anyone–that just ain’t my style. With that said, this year’s election lived up to its expectations. I enjoyed every. single. moment. Every little curve ball each nominee threw, just added to the dramatic finish. It was almost better than the ’08 election, but what could top Sarah Palin and the first African American president being elected? Exactly.
Democracy … it’s a beautiful thing.

Video: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Same Love 28 October 2012

It’s crazy how a song or a video can evoke a certain emotion or make you feel a certain way. I guess the video has to be pretty powerful to accomplish that, right?
One of these days people are going to have to wake up and stop being so judgmental.

Carryne’s Baby Shower 21 October 2012

@HayseussMaiden 3 October 2012

I guess you can say I’ve started a transition that involves distancing myself from social media … except Heartless Manikin, of course; I get to follow my own rules over here.
Heartless Manikin allows me to express myself freely without the repercussions of others’ opinions. ‘Cause we all know niggas love to give their two cents.