Video: College Throwback 16 August 2012

Sometimes I forget how much fun I had throughout my years at UK. It’s easy to think about what you need to do or dwell on what you have yet to accomplish. Thankfully, I carried my camera with me wherever I went in Kentucky.

American Freedom vs. American Rebel 3 August 2012

Watching the Olympic games can overwhelm you with pride and gratitude for your country. #AmericanPride

Timeflies Tuesday 3 August 2012

I don’t know what else to say besides I’m a huge fan and a lightweight groupie. Haha.

Listen: JoJo – Demonstrate 2 August 2012

Selena … No Gomez 2 August 2012

I didn’t even realize just how beautiful and talented this woman was.

Listen: Frank Ocean – Channel Orange 1 August 2012

I know I’m not alone when I say I am obsessed with this album.

Chloe & Halle – Love On Top (Cover) 31 July 2012

These little girls are so talented it’s crazy. And they completely killed this Beyonce ‘Love On Top’ cover. Here are a few more of Chloe & Halle’s covers.

Animals In The Womb 31 July 2012

Bryson Andres – Pumped Up Kicks 31 July 2012

There are some talented people in this world. Undeniable talent. I spent over an hour listening to this man play his violin and he didn’t disappoint once.

Vince Kidd – You and Me 30 July 2012

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